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Helping healthcare professionals run successful practices

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At Nexis Medical Offices, we provide the real estate, technology, staffing and services that private healthcare providers need to run their practices.  You are able to increase revenue by spending more time with patients and grow your professional network by working in a shared, collaborative office.  Expenses go down by paying for space and services only when you use them.

Our Solution: A Single Point of Contact for All Your Practice Needs

Nexis Medical Offices takes on the burden of managing the practices, while our Members maintain ownership of their practice and focus on seeing patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Nexis Medical Offices enables you to practice out of multiple locations, while paying only for the time you are in each location.  This provides significant savings over renting and building-out multiple locations.
Your membership with Nexis Medical Offices is based upon your usage.  We offer flexible terms, including short-term contracts, based upon the number of hours and days of the week.
Yes, you are.  Just like a car lease or a cell phone, you have to pay for the services you sign up for.  We can work with you to make sure you sign up for the right number of hours, and we can grow your contract with you as your practice grows!
If that’s what you want, then that’s what you will get!  We will do everything we can when you sign your contract to confirm your schedule does not conflict with anyone else’s.

If you don’t care about having the same office every time, we can save you even more money!

It depends. We provide multiple options based on what’s the best fit for you and your practice. If you require dedicated space that is never shared, we have solutions that will fit that need. If instead, you’re focused on keeping your overhead down, we have shared spaces that you only pay for when you use them. By sharing space, we keep our overall footprint down and we pass those savings on to you.
Of course!  We offer group therapy rooms at our locations.  You can include these rooms with your contract for a private office, or you can use just the group therapy rooms.
You will be able to see your patients when you want to see them.  We actively look for buildings with 24×7 secured access, typically via callbox.  Our offices have secured access as well.  When you sign up, we will review your needs to make sure you can see patients when you want to.
No.  If you don’t want to use our practice management and/or EHR systems, you can use your own.  However, our front office staff won’t be able to help with patient intake or scheduling.  It will also limit our ability to help with your billing needs.
Yes!  One of the greatest differences between Nexis Medical Offices and the rest of the industry, is that you still own your practice.  You are free to set your hours, rates, etc.  If you decide you want to leave, there is no non-compete to worry about, and your patients are free to leave with you!
We can help you start your own practice!  Please contact us to discuss everything that needs to happen to get up and running!
Yes!  We help members in all different stages of their careers, from right out of school, to those winding down their practice.  We can even customize a solution that will provide flexibility as your practice grows!
No.  Currently, Nexis Medical Offices serves professionals in behavioral health, including psychiatrists, but also psychologists, social workers, therapists and counselors.  We offer private consulting rooms and group therapy rooms to accommodate everyone.
By joining Nexis Medical Offices, you will be working in a collaborative environment with other like-minded, independent practitioners.  You can grow your network to help with referrals and also have practitioners to bounce ideas off of.

We also facilitate social events with your fellow practitioners to help grow your network.

Yes! Please contact us to let us know where you would like a new location and we will look into it!
That depends on the services you sign up for. There is a cost associated with setting your practice up in our systems, with our revenue cycle management provider, getting you credentialed/on panels, and a security deposit.

The costs will be significantly less than money required to build out a new office, customize a software solution, and doing everything on your own.

Please contact us for more information.